Corporate Services

Behavioural and Soft-skills Training Services

These services are provided in the entire range of topics of behavioural, soft-skills and general management, conducted as indoor or outdoor programmes. Our online guided self-development training programmes too are of immense potential for employee development.

Organisational Development Services

  • Organisational structuring / re-structuring
  • Organisational diagnostic services
  • Performance management services
  • Assessment centers
  • Strategic business development
  • Psychological services
  • Psychometric testing
  • HR Outsourcing Services for Small and Medium Enterprises

    In this, we take up the entire range of HR activities on consultancy / project basis.

    Our Corporate Services

    Our corporate services are result-oriented. We firmly believe that the time of many fixed template solutions in organisational development is over. The emerging scenario seeks result oriented and dynamic people - organisation - business alignment. We work towards the attainment of the same.