Purpose: Relationship enrichment with close people like spouse, partner, future spouse, close family members etc.

Topics covered in the programme

1. Human mind
2. Human behaviour
3. Personality
4. Understanding relationships
5. Relationships and needs
6. Signs of trouble
7. Interpersonal communication
8. Conflict management
9. Stress management
10. Work-life balance
11. Managing intimacy
12. Making quality time
13. Understanding personality disorders
14. Time to seek professional help
15. Coping with parting

Methodology of training: After the participant's registration process with us gets completed, course content (theory and reading materials along with exercises) will be sent to the participant in convenient lots, indicating the time available for returning the coursework. The participant will read them, complete the exercises and submit the coursework through email to us, within the given time. Clarification of doubt (if any) may be sought from us through email. Where necessary, we will send the participants our comments, guidance etc. on the coursework done, also through email. This will be repeated till the entire topics are covered. If the entire coursework has been done to our satisfaction, we will send the participation certificate online. Even though the training gets over after the expiry of the training duration, the participant may remain in touch with us through email for seeking guidance on matters pertaining to the topics covered in the training programme. Wherever possible, we will revert with our reply.

Course duration:90 days from our sending of the first lot of course materials through the participant's email ID that is registered with us.

Specimen participation certificate