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Established in 2001, Minds of People is engaged in Organisational Development (OD) and corporate training in behavioural, soft-skills and general management. It also provides personal development and mind-care services to people through www.mindsofpeople.in

Clients since 2001

Reliance ADA, HDFC Bank, Airports Authority of India, Mahindra and Mahindra, Pidilite, Corporation Bank, Siemens, MTNL, RPG Life Science, KEC International, Ceat Limited, Aker Solutions, Crompton Greaves, UTI Tech, Kohinoor Group, Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC), Sterlite (Vedanta), Onida, Bharat Petroleum, NSDL, Shell Transource Ltd. and many more. Apart from these, we have a long list of clients from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES)


Organisational Audits

Purpose : To assess your organisation’s existing structure, accountability, employee commitment, performance standards, strategic management systems, employee engagement pattern, organisational climate and culture etc. with a view to diagnose deficiencies / defects (if any).

Benefits : This will help you in deciding on changes needed on the very nature of how the organisation operates by aligning internal structures and systems to strategy and goals.

Organisational Surveys

Purpose : To identify areas of concern, strengths, weaknesses etc. in specific areas of your organisation’s functioning and to find out possible remedies wherever required.

Benefits : This will help you get valuable input from employees on matters that need your attention to make the organisation more effective.

Organisational Behaviour (OB) Services

Purpose : To provide mind-care services to groups and individual employees to ensure better human relationship management at all levels.

Benefits : Many human behaviour aspects at group and individual levels that are affecting your organisation’s work environment may need the attention of mind-care experts which this service will provide, readily and effectively

Organisational Structuring/Restructuring

Purpose : To ensure that everyone in your organisation knows who has to do what and all are working together to accomplish everything as envisaged by the organisational goals.

Benefits : Clarity in reporting relationships, performance assessment, accountability, job roles etc.

Performances Management System (PMS)

Purpose : To ensure that employees of your organisation perform as expected, their performance is made accountable and they are rewarded on the basis of their actual performance.

Benefits : Improved productivity and higher employee commitment.

Policy and Procedure Structuring

Purpose : To streamline the overall functioning of your organisation through written down policies, procedures, rules, norms etc.

Benefits : Efficient organisational functioning in routine matters, based on the structured policy-procedure manual.

Training (Soft Skills / Behavioral /Managerial)

Purpose : To enhance the skills of your employees so that they can perform their tasks more effectively.

Benefits : Improved general skills of employees which will enhance the overall quality of your organisation’s human resource.

Employee Mind-care Services

In this, we provide the following for employees:

1. Assessing the genuine mind-care and relationship enrichment needs that will involve our experts studying them using some tools including discussions and consultations with a cross-section of the concerned people of the organisation
2. Assisting the top management in finding veritable solutions on employee stress-management and improved organisational environment which will have great potentials to enhance productivity
3.Providing continuous mind-care supports like employee-counselling (one on one session with counselling psychologists), employee coaching including life-skills coaching, work-life balance, leadership-mentoring for key people etc.

Organizations are communities of human beings, not collections of human resources. Henry Mintzberg

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